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We have worked on many projects, including:

Small hydro:
We have prepared Environmental Statements and Environmental Reports, Habitats Regulations Appraisals, environmental feasibility studies and environmental advice for a total of 49 small hydro schemes (2011 to 2016), and we are currently working as Landscape Clerk of Works in the construction of two schemes.  We have submitted planning applications, Section 36 applications and Section 36 variation applications on behalf of clients, and have co-ordinated the work of extensive teams of environmental specialists in support of these projects.

Click here for a map of all our small hydro projects to date (April 2016).

We have undertaken all aspects of housing layout design from initial feasibility, through option development (including discussions with planners), detailed design and construction specification, for developments ranging from single houses up to major developments of hundreds of houses.

Wind farms:
We have worked on all sides of the wind farm development process, for developers, planners and objectors.  We have produced Environmental Statements for major wind farms involving over a hundred turbines, down to single turbine schemes; provided advice and independent assessments of proposed schemes on behalf of local planning authorities; and advised wind farm objectors on the environmental considerations of proposals.  Our work has included onshore and offshore wind farms, the latter including work on seascape assessments.

We have provided environmental advice and prepared Environmental Statements for major factory renovations with significant potential for impact on the local environment; and co-ordinated an Appropriate Assessment for a major docklands development scheme with potential impacts on a European Natura 2000 designated site.

Agricultural and other rural development:
We have advised a number of farmers on anaerobic digester (AD) schemes and other developments, for example slurry lagoons, equestrian centres and large farm buildings, where environmental considerations have caused issues, and have provided detailed landscaping designs where required by planners.

We have provided independent assessments of submitted plans for major port developments, on behalf of rival developers; provided independent assessments of submitted plans for large quarry developments near a National Park, on behalf of the mineral planning authority; carried out Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for a local highway authority's Local Transport Plan and for a local authority's Economic Strategy; run a major feasibility study for a Landscape Character Area project, including facilitating a consultation event; carried out compliance checks on the environmental mitigation measures for a major highway scheme, on behalf of the Highways Agency; co-ordinated the EIA, designed the landscape scheme and acted as Environmental Clerk of Works on another major highway scheme, also on behalf of the Highways Agency; provided landscape design work for a golf club redevelopment; and designed the landscape measures for a proposed extension to a country hotel.